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CNP Pumps
These Pumps are made up of stainless steel sheet metal hence they are more energy efficient & non-corrosive. CNP pumps are sold world over and are known for excellent quality, value for money & satisfactory after sales service.

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There are many filtration systems on the market today. The reverse osmosis is one of them. The effectiveness of this system depends on the concentration of contaminants, the water pressure and membrane selection.

Reverse osmosis system - uses pressure that forces unfiltered water to flow through the membrane and out of the low pressure side. All impurities that were not able to pass through membrane are wasted away to drain. There are two types of membranes that are used in reverse osmosis system to prepare home drinking water

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Events & Updates

Now located in a more strategic place!
Vitalite trading (Aquaprime products) is now located at 438 Del Monte Avenue Barangay Sienna, Quezon City, it was before located at De Castro St. Paso De Blas, Valenzuela City. The formal opening of the new office was held...

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Research & Development

New Wave-Pump Technology
Minneapolis, Minnesota A new pump system designed to turn salt water into fresh water when combined with desalination systems -- and produce clean renewable energy when combined with hydroelectric systems --

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new wave pumps


Repair dripping taps now!
If your tap is dripping at a rate
of one drop per second, you
can expect to waste up to 1900 litres per year, which is a lot of water.